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Review of Dark Moon Rising By James M Thompson

Dark Moon Rising - James M. Thompson

I’ll start off by saying the ideas and imagination gone into the plot of this book is incredibly creative. But the book could have been so much better.


The part I did love about the story was how creative the whole idea was. Instead of it being the classic bitten by a werewolf or animal horror, James M Thompson has taken on a completely different approach and gone with a mixture psychopathic surgeons and power greedy military generals that’s created a gripping story.


I found myself being fascinated by the enhanced soldiers, particularly the sergeant Jack Stone. He had been operated on my Dr Stern making him stronger, faster and his senses more animal like. He was extremely arrogant but that made me like him more, I also liked the fact he was a mysterious character in the beginning but he becomes more confident as the story goes on. At the beginning I found the main character Jim Wilcox to be annoying but after the operation it’s hard not to like him. You also can’t deny how cool the guy is after surgery!


One of the problems I had with book was the amount of sex. The first 30% of the book was nonstop sex. It got to the point where I honestly thought the story was going nowhere and was starting to sound like fifty shades of grey. But I would recommend readers stick with it because it does start to pick up in the last quarter and becomes the fast paced horror/thriller that was described and originally drew me in.


Overall I wasn’t crazy about this book but I did enjoy it towards the end. The book could have been so much better if it got straight into the thriller/horror side of it from the start and left most of the unnecessary romance bullshit out. For readers that enjoy science/medical horror with a combo of fantasy this book is a good read